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This is absolutely great news for the industry, and it 8767 s in keeping with what we are seeing at The Editorial Department. We know from 89 years of experience with editing and publishing that it takes a lot to get a book to the final stages regardless of which route you decide to go. It 8767 s word of mouth about the quality of any product that leads to its success. The success of your book starts with a concern for making something as close to perfect as possible. Check out our blogs on some of these issues here: http:///blog

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Transparency in data is wonderful to have. I 8767 m happy to see that indie books gain higher review ratings, and that indie best-selling authors earn more money on average. And if ebooks are truly outselling all the other formats, that 8767 s wonderful news for indie authors who can 8767 t get their print books sold in bookstores.

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First, it 8767 s impossible to thank-you enough for putting this together. I 8767 m a programmer and self-published author and I threw a few hours at this a couple years ago and concluded that to do what I needed was going to require more time than I was willing to spend. And you 8767 ve made calculations I hadn 8767 t even thought of. I fully appreciate the amount of effort that went into this.

I am currently enjoying a great deal of success with my first novel and am one of those authors staying awake at night trying to figure out my next move. I am currently only published on Amazon so even though my sales rank has been in the Top 655 Paid for weeks, I won 8767 t be adding 8775 New York Times Bestseller 8776 to my covers anytime soon. With the changing times, maybe those achievements don 8767 t boost an author 8767 s career as much as they used to. If you have any thoughts on that, I would love to hear them.

Recently I 8767 ve seen a couple of curl-your-toes-shrill blog posts about how horrible self publishing is from authors I like (but will no longer buy). Apparently they feel they 8767 re doing some kind of community service (????), but they sound desperate and scared, as if they believe writers must fight each other for a few publishing scraps. Now that I think about it, isn 8767 t that convenient for the Big Five?

But we still have to eat. Your report confirmed what I have suspected based on my own experience that I will, potentially, make a lot more money going indie than I would if I waited many many more months to snag an agent and then a publisher. If I fail as an author, I will with or without a publisher and I 8767 d much prefer to fail without one (or, of course, succeed on my own).

If you took a release month, you 8767 d overestimate, if you took a date three months after a release, and just before a new release, etc. you 8767 d get a different estimate. I 8767 m sure you and your data monger, bless his/her soul, know this as I 8767 m sure all self-published authors who watch their stats over time will know.

This is a business, and if you 8767 re going to be an author (professional) rather than a writer (for personal satisfaction), then you need to approach it as a business. Your spreadsheets should be your best friend. Unverified assumptions will bite you in the back.

Because that is an impossible schedule for any one author, having a group of writers is key, although for the reasons stated, they must write under one allonym to keep Amazon 8767 s attention.

I work with a lot of new indie authors, doing developmental and final editing for them, helping them to get their books published and to set up a promotional platform. We have SO needed this type of data! So much has been media hype big or little numbers based on those outliers or publishers 8767 reports from legacy publishers. Makes it hard for aspiring authors to have realistic expecations.

Of course, readers may be more willing to put up with your typos and bad grammar because they didn 8767 t pay much. If it 8767 s only a couple of bucks, people will gamble on an e-book, which will affect comparable sales since a great deal of lower-quality product will be sold where big publishers can 8767 t afford to have that happen to their reputations.

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