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Symphony no. 6
Symphony no. 7
Symphony no. 8
Symphony no. 9
Symphony no. 5
Symphony no. 6
Symphony no. 7
Symphony no. 8
Symphony no. 9

Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 61 | Details | AllMusic

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Let us all agree: This was a great voice, and a great tenor. When that is said, nothing else need be said.

Reriod. Thanks a lot, Professor.

Asurvey of recordings of Mahler Symphony No. 4

Thank you very much. To Anonymous ., yes, very funny! I love Orfenov s comments! blood pressure is low and he sleeps all day! Wish I could do that. And especially interesting is his influence on the singing technique of Russian tenors. Most interesting.

To Anonymous II: Thank you very much for you kind comment. I appreciate it.

I think MDM was the most exciting tenor ever. Yes he was theatrical, melodramatic and often so emotionally involved with his roles that his vocally and dramatically his performance was over the top, but that is what made him so exciting. He was alive and electrical on stage and had the vocal and artistic gifts to elevate his eccentricities to the level of great art. MDM has emerged as a respected artist, Vinay, Corelli Bonisoli,Vickers,McCracken, Giaccoimini, Atlantov, all were influenced by MDM and that niagara of sound that poured forth from that golden throat.

Gee, Edmund, calling (Ghost) Riders in the Sky a silly popular song is a bit harsh, isn t it? It s arguably the most beloved cowboy song ever written. Now del Monaco s particular recording of it,could more plausibly be called s overly stentorian and lacks the haunting quality of, say, Vaughn Monroe s version.

E lucevan le stelle is my favorite here. Everything - singing, acting, and overall energy - seems contained and in focus. Quite nice indeed. You don t mention it specifically, but, judging by the photo of him you post, he must have had a lot of simmering sex appeal. If that is so, he apparently was able to bask in that without having to create a calculated media image - perhaps by just honestly being himself - which would seem refreshing today. Thanks for another most interesting article and set of links.

I am not an expert on opera but I do love to listen to arias and Neapolitan songs, mainly due to my father s influence. Many years ago he mentioned Mario Del Monaco but because we lived in Africa at the time I never had the opportunity to listen to any of his recordings.

A few weeks ago, thanks to the magic of modern technology, I looked up his name on I-Tunes and I was totally blown away. I ended up downloading about forty arias and Italian songs!

I truly believe he has the most wonderful voice I have ever heard. For those critics who obsessed over his technique? All tenors should adopt it if the result is a voice like Mario Del Monaco s. In fact I think they should be ashamed for maligning This tenor, who should be amongst the best ever, if not the best.

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Yes, his Di Quella Pira in the arena is a bit surreal. Gladiator? ha ha.

At any rate, he did have a strong voice, that s for sure.

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Mario del Monaco became part of an era: the post WWII era. His companions in this wonderful reconstruction period wer Gigli, Tagliavini, Tucker, di Stefano, Björling, Gedda, Corelli, Wunderlich, Raimondi among others. The last years of this era brought the rise of great signers such as Kraus, Bergonzi, Domingo, Pavarotti, Carreras, Giacomini, La Scola. I happened to be in Buenos Aires when del Monaco sang at the Colon Theatre. He was a real heroe and much admired. One cannot say he was a disguised baritone/tenor. Will you be kind enough to tell your forum your opinion about this nowadays popular tenor: Kaufmann? He has the voice and also the looks. I would like to have your much respected opinion. Many thanks.

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