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Mark Twain: The Awful German Language

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 16:28

I have now named what I regard as the most necessary and important changes. These are perhaps all I could be expected to name for nothing but there are other suggestions which I can and will make in case my proposed application shall result in my being formally employed by the government in the work of reforming the language.


One cannot overestimate the usefulness of Schlag and Zug. Armed just with these two, and the word also , what cannot the foreigner on German soil accomplish? The German word also is the equivalent of the English phrase "You know," and does not mean anything at all -- in talk , though it sometimes does in print. Every time a German opens his mouth an also falls out and every time he shuts it he bites one in two that was trying to get out.

Neural networks and deep learning

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Seventhly, I would discard the Parenthesis. Also the reparenthesis, the re-reparenthesis, and the re-re-re-re-re-reparentheses, and likewise the final wide-reaching all-inclosing king-parenthesis. I would require every individual, be he high or low, to unfold a plain straightforward tale, or else coil it and sit on it and hold his peace. Infractions of this law should be punishable with death.

The Institute's Josh Compton has won a “Top Paper” distinction from the Communication Apprehension and Competence Division of the National Communication Association.

Congratulations to Mitchell McMillan, . Environmental Science, for being selected for the 7567 Outstanding Thesis Award. His thesis titled "Evaluating and Developing Streambank Erosion Models in the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Plain" was directed at producing an effective and efficient predictive model for local streams.

You strive to go beyond your own roots to understand the history and culture of others. You are the most likely to own a passport, and you enjoy solitary travel.

What the scientists found is that when the visual signal from the ferrets' eyes was rerouted to the auditory cortex, the auditory cortex changed. Orientation columns and an orientation map began to emerge in the auditory cortex. It was more disorderly than the orientation map usually found in the visual cortex, but unmistakably similar. Furthermore, the scientists did some simple tests of how the ferrets responded to visual stimuli, training them to respond differently when lights flashed from different directions. These tests suggested that the ferrets could still learn to "see", at least in a rudimentary fashion, using the auditory cortex.

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Fifthly, I would do away with those great long compounded words or require the speaker to deliver them in sections, with intermissions for refreshments. To wholly do away with them would be best, for ideas are more easily received and digested when they come one at a time than when they come in bulk. Intellectual food is like any other it is pleasanter and more beneficial to take it with a spoon than with a shovel.

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How much information is in that 675 million base pairs? Each base pair can be labelled by one of four possibilities - the "letters" of the genetic code, the bases adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine. So each base pair can be described using two bits of information - just enough information to specify one of the four labels. So 675 million base pairs is equivalent to 755 million bits of information. That's the genetic difference between humans and chimps!

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