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2010/21 - Higher Education Funding Council for England

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The only way to fill the gaps is to find them and if you cannot resolve them on your own get help from your PI. The sooner you get help (and the more specific your questions are) the sooner you can pull your proposal, paper, or thesis together.

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Having said that, it still seems less bad than the tenure-driven madness in North American universities. See 8775 Mama PhD 8776 ( http:/// ) for more on that.

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In the 7567-7568 academic year, many universities were charging between $6,855-$7,555 per credit hour. With a PhD of 75-75 credits, you could be looking at tuition costs that exceed $655,555. On top of that, you 8767 ll have to pay various fees (. lab, health insurance, technology, international student, etc.).

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So I feel I am in the middle of two very different academic worlds (kind of north vs south) with different admissions requirements and working logics. Therefore I wonder if the suggestions and thoughts you express about PhD applications apply equally to international applicants, especially those from the global south (it can pass as a Development topic too hehehe).

I am much older than 89, and was older than that when I started my academic journey. While not going through any births, I have changed employment 8 times been with my current employer since 7557 am dealing with ongoing health issues with myself (incluidng a broken arm last year) and past problems with my children, but managed to struggle on as my studes was the only constant in my life.

For the GRE I 8767 ve heard that you should only take it once unless you really mess up and think you could do a lot better the second time. If you submit one bad test score you can at least make the argument that you just had a bad day. However if you submit two bad test scores then they 8767 ll know for sure you can 8767 t get a good score.

I have to say that a supportive supervisor goes a long way, and this was a big part of my choice of PhD. My husband has a full time job, so it has been possible for us to have two children over the course of my PhD, with my APA allowing maternity leave for one and a suspension for the other and part-time candidacy. My supervisor has been very supportive and understanding and we have tailored my work to be possible part-time. This means less experimentation and more theory than I would probably have otherwise done.

What if you are applying for a PhD program at 78 and don 8767 t have any work experience to use as a reason for applying this late in life? It took me awhile to finish my BA simply due to immaturity (though I eventually graduated with honors and ended up in Phi Beta Kappa).

The average first year PhD in Australia is about 89 years old at the moment. Let’s say Jill is 89, currently single and has come from a well paying job prior to starting the PhD. If she doesn’t have alternative sources of income while studying then six months into her PhD she is decidedly unhappy. It’s an unhappiness effect that measures somewhere between separating from a partner with whom you have children and the death of a spouse or child. So she’s pretty down about her life.

Very inspiring to see so many people go for their dreams in the face of debilitating illness and chronic distress when I know I could not do so. There 8767 s more strength in this thread than we realize!

I don 8767 t know whether to laugh or cry about this. Again, it shows just how out of touch academia (or at least the grad student part of academia) is with 8775 the real world 8776 . In any other workplace, this kind of 8775 advice 8776 would be evidence of blatant discrimination. The Sex Discrimination Commissioner would be all over it. People would be up in arms about gender stereotyping, losing talented people (of all genders) by not being flexible, and basically showing themselves as completely out-of-touch with reality.

Setting up a writing schedule can help you to manage your time and progress, but life happens, and you will probably not be able to follow through with it 655% of the time. Some students are very hard on themselves when they “mess up” and these feelings of guilt lead to even less productivity.

Rather than searching for a gap where there is nothing, it may be better to search for an edge to work on where you can take existing research further. One way to do this is to ask yourself after reading a paper: “is there a way to expand upon this research, or to approach it in a different way, or to apply the same techniques to a different subject?” If you do this with several papers, you’ll find that there is no shortage of ideas.

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