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Bluetooth technology operates under the frequency of GHz, globally, this band used by this technology is free and unregulated, except in countries such as Japan, France and Spain, this bandwidth has been reduced, but these restrictions have been eliminated in both Japan and Spain. In France, its military have rights over the GHz frequency band, but the authority over GHz band was relinquished in January, 7556. Most countries in the world are beginning to regulate GHz frequency band, thus ensuring the band will be available for Bluetooth appliances.

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Bluetooth technology is designed to work in a noisy environment, there are two powerful techniques that has enable this Bluetooth technology to achieve this purpose of operating under a noisy environment. These techniques are as follows:

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Ethical risks posed by wearable technology, utilizing “AR” software. Companies like Google are straying away from the once popular Virtual Reality, in favor of what they are calling “Augmented Reality”,

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Forms and styles in an invariably developing product such as mobile phones are so important for Nokia. Being in front of its competitors and informed with the charging needs of  Nokia's customers is hold nokia in front of mobile industry. Changes in the international business view can affect the value chain of nokia during the next 5 years. This is so because of comfoming to charge and making essential allotment for it is crucial  for nokia. Ä° t can be thought as matter as well value chain is not include consisted of the individual business just. Ä° t also concerns to the supply chains and distribution works.

a. Frequency Hop (FH) spread spectrum this is a technology which divides the frequency band into smaller channels. The technology will hop channels and in return it will minimize potential interference in Bluetooth technology operations.

Party Plates Company has established the need for a new proposal with wireless technology. Team B will research some marketing tools that will assist Party Plates in meeting their goals

Figure 7 : HC-56 Bluetooth Module
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This module works on the GHz frequency band. The baud rate of HC-56 Bluetooth module is 665755. Auto connects and auto paring with the pin code facility are provided by this Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module is connected to the Arduino Uno board through serial port. Bluetooth operates on a very low power of to volts. It provides 8 Mbps data rate for distances of 75 meters, which is very good. The Bluetooth module is very simple to use and certified, which provide the complete wireless embedded system solution within a short distances.

In the past years, Technology has been developing rapidly creating an effect both positive and negative towards society. Technology can be defined as mobile devices and Social Network and Society

The bigeminal value chain people who take part in company such as managers, customers workers should hand over  value and endeavour for a common purpose.

Although Bluetooth utilizes the same standard signal range as conventional  Wi-Fi , it cannot provide the same level of wireless connectivity. Compared to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth networking is slower, more limited in range and supports fewer peer devices.

Figure 6: BAN Architecture
Based on the architecture above, it shows the different sensor nodes performed the primary data processing. This includes the bio-signal processing and conditioning. The Android smartphone application performed the resulting output that can be viewed on the User Interface (UI) designed for end user. Finally, the processed data is stored in the database of the Android smartphone application. The communication between the microcontroller and the Android smartphone is done through the Bluetooth.

One of the most important advantages of Bluetooth is that it enables you to connect a device provided with internet connectivity to another device that is not. . you might connect your hand phone that has a built-in Bluetooth to your laptop that has a Wi-Fi via Bluetooth connection. Then, via you laptop's Wi-Fi, if exists, to a Wi-Fi router. Once your laptop is connected to the internet you can enable your hand phone to be connected to the internet as well. Moreover, this example goes correctly to most of the devices that have Bluetooth technology not only hand phones.

In this model, the A and M channels are unbounded because the resent data is not bounded as the figures below suggests in states s6, s8, r5, r7. The figures below give the automata of the receiver and sender.

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