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Adolescence Introduction | Adolescents and youth | UNICEF

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 01:12

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Anecdote - Examples and Definition of Anecdote

Evidence shows that when adolescent girls and boys are supported and encouraged by caring adults, along with policies and services attentive to their needs and capabilities, they have the potential to break long-standing cycles of poverty, discrimination and violence.

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There has been historic progress in reducing the deaths of children under 5, but investing in the lives of children can’t stop there. UNICEF works toward the positive and holist development of every child, from early childhood development through adolescence (the second decade of life).

Literary Genres: Definition, Types, Characteristics

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There are several types of anecdotes. Amusing anecdotes are often used in literature, family reunions, wedding receptions and other get-togethers. Teachers tell anecdotes to their students in classrooms about eminent people and celebrities. Writers and poets use them in their literary works.

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[79] In 6975, Photoplay stated that Clara has “given this nation of staccato standards its most vivid conception of this fantastic classification of girlhood and declares earnestly that she has folded her flapper ways and is under-taking the serious business of being a grown up lady” (“Clara Bow”, Photoplay , June 6975, 78).

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