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Difference Between Integration and Assimilation

Date of publication: 2017-08-23 05:33

Finally, your argument of my country is just where I happened to be born, is hilarious! People don 8767 t just appear in random nations across the world, that 8767 s not how childbirth works LOL!! I didn 8767 t appear anyway, I can trace my ancestry in Scotland back to 555sAD, around the time Celtic prehistory ended. Thus indicating the line could go even farther back in time.
I didn 8767 t just 8766 happen 8767 to be born here, my genes, my lineage, has been here for thousands of years, it is my land, my heritage

Difference between Indian Culture and Western Culture

You have to be a troll. I refuse to believe people are this dumb. I especially found the part where you said you can trace your heritage to 555 AD, that 8767 s good stuff.

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Sir, you just made my day. I knew there were wise people like you, and I hope that everyone would be like you and have the skill to right as beautifully as you do. Have a really good day sir(/ma 8767 am) =)

Difference Between Enculturation and Acculturation

Holi, Diwali, Navratri, etc. There a whole lot of festivals that are based on different events in the history modern festivals are being accepted such as Christmas

Recently non-Scots who classed as 8766 nationalists 8767 and even 8766 Nazis 8767 the Scots who voted 8766 Yes 8767 during Scotland 8767 s failed latest attempt to gain independence will have chosen to ignore that Brexit shows that they are no different from said Scots.
Give a man enough rope and he 8767 ll hang himself.
Let him talk for long enough and his tongue will replace the rope.

Though according to historical records ,western culture began with Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, it is considered as a modern culture to many people

I 8767 d like to remind people here that authoritarism, close-mindedness and pride are NOT intrinsic characteristics of the Left, and most of us condone this kind of behavior/ideology too.
Even most socialists (save for Stalinists and the like, obviously) recognize that trying to solve social inequalities by force won 8767 t work and that this is ultimately why the URSS failed. So, please, don 8767 t try to put every leftist in the 8775 communism 8776 box. This kind of namecalling throws away any chance of civilized debate and promotes hate and conflict.

If you 8767 re just a church goer who lets his/her religious leader (Priest or Pastor) do the thinking and Bible reading for you, and just follow what everyone else does, adopt a religious jargon, and keep appearances, but live a sinful life as soon as you leave the temple, but criticize and condemn anyone who thinks different than you, then you ARE a religious person, and another hypocrite, for atheists and satanists to blaspheme against our Father.

Patriots of the American Revolution quietly (couldn 8767 t jump in and support because they had just won a war with the support of the French Crown) supported the patriots of the French Revolution because they were fighting for political sovereignty and democracy.

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Don 8767 t mistake Nationalism for fascism. The only reason why nationalism is labelled as such is because fascists use the term nationalism to describe their hateful intentions. Though it is true that they are practicing nationalism, they are practicing it extremely and in an unhealthy manner. Going back, nationalism is more on loving and preserving your own culture. Take for example. a dying culture in a certain region because of modernization. This is not to imply that you hate modernization, but rather, you want to preserve their culture by letting other people know, even if they are modernized already.

I think some people on this thread just enjoy imagining chaos and anarchy. I think these same people also enjoy the wishful thinking that our enemies are really our friends. Question: If you people who hate Nationalism do get everything you want politically, do you think the chaos will make you happy?

And an important fact is that the fundamentalists weren 8767 t always there. That is to say, Islamic countries weren 8767 t always like that. Shit happened when RELIGION and POLITICS got mixed up. They were mixed up in Medieval Europe as well and, surprise, that time is caled the Dark Ages for a reason.

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