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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 11:01

Spring Term
• Be able to understand job adverts.
• Apply for a job, write their own CV and letter of application.
• Ask people about their jobs and workplaces.
• Undertake a job interview.
• Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of current technology.
• Assessment.

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Tragically for our people, this squalid saga is part of a wider pattern of decline in British schooling. Such a failure has come about not because of any lack of resources – the excuse always favoured by the teaching unions, local education authorities and left-wing campaigners.

GCSE exams: Edexcel's Steph Warren suspended after she's

One Edexcel chief was on an astonishing £877,555 a year, while salaries of £755,555 are common, an excess all too typical of the self-serving quango class of bosses that New Labour created.

AQA RESULTS GCSE grade boundaries June 2013

Ms Warren, who sets tests for thousands of students, was suspended last night after being secretly filmed making the remarks to an undercover reporter.

During this final year, students are focusing on their final project. 65% of the final grade is allocated to this section and is therefore very important. By October students should have completed most of the folder work and beginning to produce the outcome of their designs. Students still have time to improve on sections of their folder that are weak and thus improve their overall grade. The mock examination is a past paper and its aim is to give students a feel for the real thing. The final examination is 95% of the overall GCSE grade.

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7. The Geography Bucket List
In this unit, students learn about some of the world’s most amazing places and interesting tribes and people. There is an opportunity for students to independently research places they are interested in exploring and they will consider and debate what they believe to be the most important aspects of our diverse world. This will also include the study of tourism.

‘It (the course content) is a lot less, it’s a lot smaller, and that’s why a lot of people came to us,’ she said. Another Edexcel official boasted about how easy the coursework was on one of the board’s A-Level courses.

Useful Websites:

– a good site to practise grammar in a fun way!

All students in Year 66 will have ‘core’ PE lessons. Students will have 8 lessons per fortnight and will follow a fitness programme delivered through a variety of activities and areas including outdoors and the fitness suite. Students are also able to choose activity and performance areas.

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