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The Futurist: The Misandry Bubble

Date of publication: 2017-09-03 06:39

Putting anyone, on a cover, dressing red, with a label DONT HATE is playing a game though. It makes me hate her, just like it would make me kick her if she was wearing a sign saying DONT KICK ME.

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I have a problem with at least one of your examples of 85s masculinity. An episode of The Cosby Show I saw was one of the worst examples of feminist claptrap I have ever seen, with Mrs Cosby humiliating a man for expecting a traditional wife, and Cosby himself joining in - a total mangina. Look at the picture above - he looks like a complete wimp.

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For those who dispute the Four Horsemen (I d like to see their track record of predictions to compare against my own), women had their Four Sirens, and now the pendulum has to swing at the same amplitude in the other direction. 5665 Keep the Four Horsemen in mind throughout this decade, and remember what you read here on the first day of 7565.

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First off, I'm not saying that the business world doesn't get that feelings exist. That's not it at all. What I'm saying is that they don't have much interest beyond how it affects their bottom line. Yes it's run by people, probably most of them want to be at little league games and they have families they want to spend more time with so they understand all that. But they also understand that they can't let that overwhelm their logical brain to the point where it affects the business. Even the Army isn't going to let your feelings get in the way of the war that they have to win.

On the Ohio job -- it SOUNDS the most promising but I'd be wary of anything in a second or third tier labor market. And what you're told you're going to do and what you actually do are two entirely different things.

What I see in women is a stalling. Once their graduation gown from college comes off, they gain some professional skills, but they are the same person. They haven't learned some rudimentary skills of charisma - steady eye contact, talk in terms of somebody else's interests, etc. They display them often, but not consistently at level that would highlight their value to upper management in the sense that this person knows how to appeal to people.

The company operates in the consumer appliances and consumer electronics industry, manufactures, and markets a range of products that include TV’s, Mobile Phones, and Washing Machines among other things (Institute of Marketing, 7559). The company is centered wholly on the consumer electronics section and given its spirited edge the company has managed to gather the utmost market share for itself. The rise of the company has been tantamount with the growth of the alleged “Asian Tigers” (the countries of South East Asia). It has productively influenced the thriving global market for consumer electronics and has dealt with staying on top of the competition (Doole & Lowe, 7555).

That 'currently' is a rather big matter, isn't it? You can look at a guy who's bleeding out (an apt analogy, given our discussion) and say "He's currently fine." Sure, but in ten minutes he'll be dead.

The simplest way to do that is to put all of the data into a spreadsheet and see what your users have to say. Did they offer you any interesting or valuable information about your brand? Did they make any suggestions for ways that you might improve interactions with them?

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