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After the show Davis caught up with Bertelmann and asked about collaborating with O’Halloran on a film score, only to learn that O’Halloran had been the best man at his fellow muso’s wedding. A deal was struck.

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It is easy to overuse both types of quotations however, you should avoid doing so in every situation. Writing is about conveying your thoughts, ideas, knowledge and more through your own words. When you use too many words from the mouths of others, it is no longer your own work. You might have it in your own words, but you run the risk of patchwork plagiarizing, where you piece the words of others together and present them as your own. Strive to incorporate only those quotes, both direct and indirect, that strengthen, back up or demonstrate an idea or thought.

‘Suicide Squad 2’: Gavin O’Connor Directing, Writing – Variety

Noyce suggests that Hollywood has been an even more successful coloniser than ancient Rome, since Hollywood has won the hearts and minds of its subjects while Rome was forced to rule by the swords as its subjects would only offer grudging support.

Star Wars: . Abrams will return for Episode IX

Werner Fischer, working in the Web Operations & Knowledge Transfer team at Thomas-Krenn, completed his studies of Computer and Media Security at FH Hagenberg in Austria. He is a regular speaker at many conferences like LinuxTag, OSMC, OSDC, LinuxCon, and author for various IT magazines. In his spare time he enjoys playing the piano and training for a good result at the annual Linz marathon relay.

Kerrigan says many of the pioneers have now left the industry, and few of them ever got the opportunity to work on big feature films. (For a variety of reasons, female DPs have tended to work more often in documentary, commercials and low-budget features.)

8775 I 8767 ve thought about this a bit lately, 8776 she says. 8775 I don 8767 t think there is. I think men and women operate on a spectrum of female and male. I think everyone 8767 s got a bit of both in them.

Indirect quotes are paraphrases or summaries of the words of someone else worked into the text of your writing. Indirect quotations can add information that strengthens your content in many of the same ways as direct quotations. Essentially, indirect quotes carry the meaning of a speaker or writer’s original words without using the exact words. Indirect quotes are not offset by quotation marks. Below is an example of an indirect quote:

The DirectWrite font system is available to all the DirectWrite functional layers and enables an application to access font and glyph information. It is designed to handle common font technologies and data formats. The DirectWrite font model follows the common typographic practice of supporting any number of weights, styles, and stretches in the same font family. This model, the same model followed by WPF and CSS, specifies that fonts differing only in weight (bold, light, and so on), style (upright, italic, or oblique) or stretch (narrow, condensed, wide, and so on) are considered to be members of a single font family.

Your subheads, a ., and the main headline will do this for you. If you can t grab them on a scan, they will likely not bother with the full letter. But make those relevant sections sing, and the prospect will read them all or enough of them to get the idea and make the decision. 

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