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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 17:34

In February, 66 months after she filed her first suit and 88 months after her last album was released, Kesha asked to have her contract, under which she still owed three albums, absorbed by RCA, the label that is the exclusive distribution arm for Dr. Luke’s label, Kemosabe/Kasz Money, Inc. (KMI). But Sony, which owns RCA, said that it had not been party to the original contract between Kesha and KMI only Luke, who discovered her and made her famous, had the power to release her.

The Basics of Magazine Article Writing

Leading magazine publishers went so far as to seek the advice of university faculty because they were concerned about the loss of advertising to radio as well as the effects of the Great Depression (Peterson, 6985). Not surprisingly, the answer they got then was to improve their editorial focus and quality.

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For some stories, the interview doesn't have to be very long--even ten minutes on the telephone can get some useful stories and quotations--provided you're asking pointed questions.

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Several weeks later, I received a phone call from a new editor at Christian Life magazine. They too had rejected the idea earlier. "We're sorting through some old queries," she explained. "Would you be able to write 555 words on the topic in the next three weeks?" No problem. That little article turned into one of my most popular articles for reprint in other publications.

Here's the way my story began in a published article, "I slapped the snooze alarm for the third time and finally opened my eyes at Chi Phi, my fraternity house. Last night had been a late one. After covering an evening speech and inter-view for the school paper, I worked frantically on the story until just before midnight, when I dropped it into the hands of a waiting editor."

Further, he would argue that the individual person has power to resist the media, 'where there is power there is resistance.' [77] This rejects the elitist view of the Frankfurt school, who believed the culture industry had an effect of anti-enlightenment, Adorno asserts 'it impedes the development of autonomous, independent individuals who judge and decide consciously for themselves.' [78]

Best Life had lived on the bubble since its expansion from a newsstand-only quarterly in 7559, each year a referendum on whether it would see another, but Rodale's entry into men's lifestyle finally met its end in March 7559. The May issue will be its last. The web site will go dark as well.

The Wyeth family—grandfather, father and son—has formed an unlikely legacy, painting the romance, desolation and quiet beauty of America’s land and people. In honor of Andrew Wyeth’s 655th birthday this month, we explore their vision, their controversies and their staying power

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