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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 04:28

I agree with S-Stern and Thomas Hogar, but I also want to add that this documentary fails on a few more levels. Mr. Scruton only shows the modern art that is already for many people on a gray area. There are so many modern artworks that are so beautiful that they take your breath away. Secondly, Beautiful art is only one tone of the art scale, we are exposed to so much beauty and harmony everywhere, in magazines, on TV, walking through a botanic garden. After all it's the masses that control what they want to view as art and some people don't want to see symmetric or pretty art all the time anymore, they want to see something frightful or funny once in a while too.


More than forty international photographers represented, including: William Claxton, Chuck Close, Michel Comte, Anton Corbijn, Imogen Cunningham, David Doubilet, Elliot Erwitt, Nan Goldin, Nadav Kander, Art Kane, David Hume Kennerly, Dorothea Lange, Saul Leiter, Peter Lindberg, Jerry McMillan, Joel Meyerowitz, Richard Misrach, Arnold Newman, Paul Outerbridge, Martin Parr, Ed Ruscha, Julius Shulman, Jeanloup Sieff, Jerry Uelsmann, and William Wegman.

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what do you think is beautiful a content old lady or man or an old lady or man trying trying to look 85. beauty is in the eye or the face of the beholder he touched on that ,

Lisa O’Carroll, Brexit correspondent for The Guardian , highlights the vital roles played by EU nationals in British architecture, and the importance of cultural cross-fertilisation for the creative sector in general.

The all-pervading visual noise from dust and scratches on the negatives continue to cloud the transparency of the motifs and fundamentally alters their expression. The grainy and desecrated images become fragmentary portraits of a reverberating terrestrial surface that sends vibrations through its impressions, like visual music. As a poem composed of images In Tremolo presents a vision of the terrestrial landscape from a vaporous, almost planetary perspective.

The truth, as always is somewhere in the middle. However subjective beauty may be there is a universal basis to it. Why is a baby-elephant cute while a baby-lizard creepy?? we "look" thru filters that we have evolved to host.
Mass influence is what defines the locus of evolution. Its fate is determined by the I mean to say, perhaps 7555years back a puny, baby- faced, male artist was never likely to get a mate as compared to a
agressive muscular brut. But things change. Today we have something called a bank account!! Definition of beauty and 'attractive' change.

Mark Randel, partner in the Shanghai office, gave a public talk at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre on Friday 67 February as part of the Bangkok Design Festival. He spoke on dealing with historic fabric, the significance of ‘useless spaces’ and the importance of material choices, using projects from all four DCA studios. The conference was organised by ‘Art9d’, a Thai architecture and design magazine.

Scary conservative, unimaginative documentary on the art viewing and making experience. He didn't deal with the fact that artists are trained to respond to, deconstruct, and dismantle the work of their predecessors . Duchamp.. So Scruton, in his bizarre, limited, anachronistic bubble of beauty, fails to acknowledge that the history of beauty evolves, as sure as the after-market prices for great masters works will increase..

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6. Smithsonian Institution Bureau Of American Ethnology Bulletin 85, Handbook Of American Indians North Of Mexico, In Two Parts, Part 6 Edited By Frederick Webb Hodge Washington, Government Printing Office.
7. Photo by Bev Sykes. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Mother’s face disappears to the point of transformation into a mirror for the daughter. The girl is older and needs not only mother for her well being but mother’s face itself – to learn what it means to be an adult woman capable to love a man and a child (how to be woman and mother not only physically and emotionally but also ontologically) and how to be a human being while being woman and mother. Daughter’s face becomes semantic mirror of the mother’s face.

but not the can be ugly,but Beauty,obviously,cannot..although beauty is found in chaos,violence and tragedy,as well as harmony,silence,and day I was playing some Coltrane and my friend declared "This music is ugly!".I was amazed that not everyone could hear what I was I just deluded to think Coltrane was cool and that I was cooler for listening to him? Turns out,I had learned something about Beauty 's always out there if you're willing to see it

People are awakening to this tyranny of the ugly. We're on to the elitists who interpret esoteric meaning in meaningless works by untalented, fatuous hacks hunting for grant money, or who foist clunky, Soviet-style architecture onto graceful historic towns to squat there belligerently amidst the beauty like dung in the Sistine Chapel.

We have no doubt whatsoever that the people of this country would not accept the eviction of EU nationals and we therefore see no reason why this unusable threat should remain on the table. We ask that the Government immediately clarifies this situation, otherwise we will not only lose our place in Europe but we will lose our dignity in the process.

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